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Senin, 22 Juli 2019

The Famous Lily Flower

Lily, or lili or lilly flower in Indonesia is known as 'bunga bakung' as in lillium in its scientific name. According to the general symbolism that some believe, the meaning of Casablanca lilies is a celebration. So it's not surprising that white Casablanca lilies are used in almost all special occasions. The local white lily as the most favorite among other colors.

Lily flower is famous for its beauty when in full bloom and its fragrant aroma. When maintained in good growth conditions, Casablanca lily flowers can bloom perfectly up to 25cm in diameter. Casablanca lily flowers look like a trombone shape alike. What some people believe is the image of a goddess who is dancing, so that it is associated with the beauty of sensuality.

In general, there are six white petals in each stalk, each of which has small dots in the center. In the center of the flower, red stamens create a unique color pattern. If you choose flowers that are in perfect bloom, using only 3-4 florets on a table flower arrangement is enough to make a beautiful bouquet as a centerpiece for any special celebration event. Lily Casablanca is very popular used in elegant wedding ceremonies. Casablanca can be easily found in the flower industry center and flower shops, inluding as like ours : Magnum Florist Jakarta and Tangerang in our selection in many arrangements.
White Lily With Roses

If you order Casablanca lilies, chances are that the florist will give your order when they are still budding. In one stem, there may be one or more that have bloomed. Tips for those of you who put it together at home so that it quickly blooms is to put your cut lily upright in a container in a slightly damp and dark place, and your lily will bloom within 1-2 days.

Pink Lillies As In Table Vase Flower Arrangement

Maybe you are planning to hold a wedding, you can do it in a personal way by displaying the existence of the lily Casablanca flower vector on the invitation card. Or if you also want to send a message of celebration by giving a casablanca white or pink lily gift and even a pink tinge to purple and some even yellowish-white for your family, friends, and the closest people you respect. The effect on the person you love or you respect will appreciate the gift of your lillies flower arrangement which upon receipt of the flower bouquet displays a happy smile on her/his face which certainly gives a happy effect on the recipient of your flower gift, especially with the scent of the Casablanca flower that add the lively room atmosphere of the recipient of the flower.

For placing your lily flower gift, whether in bouquet or as in table vase arrangement : just make a call to +6281310664409 or drop your delivery order to e mail : order@tokobungahias.com .

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