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Jumat, 21 Juni 2019

Delivery Phalaenopsis Flower Tangerang

The moth orchid ( anggrek bulan ), which is a symbol of this nation's charm, which is named as phalaenopsis amabilis or phals. , is called by the moth orchid. This orchid is one of the most favorite top picks because of its classic flowers which are timeless, with the blooming power of the petals that are relatively long enough to be enjoyed by anyone who might be able see it.

The most common ones on the market in Tangerang are the moth orchids that we display in our article photos, where the colors of the petals are white and purple with a least strong distinctive fragrance.

Then to further introduce various other native Indonesian orchids, we present the video display with a little information as material for our shared knowledge, which we can enjoy while listening to beautiful music to get to know him further. The video is :

Delivery of Orchid Flower Arrangements in Tangerang can now be done through the fresh phalaenopsis orchid flower shop online, the Magnum Florist hub workshop in Tangerang is located in Villa Dago, Pamulang.
Phals. orchid flower arrangements for the beautiful charms respective name of it that you are suitable to send for various greetings purposes such as:

  • Happy Birthday greetings, 
  • Congratulations and success greetings, 
  • Greetings celebration on religious holidays, 
  • Greetingsfor happy engagement, 
  • Flower Gift on Mother's Day 
  • and so on. 

Regarding the coverage area in Tangerang, where the coverage area are residential areas or offices in BSD, Alam Sutera, South Tangerang, even to Bintaro.
Ordering for delivery this phals orchid flower as table vase arrangement, you may contact us at +6281310664409 or by sending e-mail to: order@tokobungahias.com .

This series of delivery gifts of moth orchid flowers is a series of flower gifts idea that the recipient can grow it, caring the recipient's yard to be put with more beautiful flower plant; so that your gift will be memorable and always visible and been able cared for by it.

The series that we arrange in a phals orchid flower arrangement is based on the number of orchid stems that you wish to give to the benefeciary recipient.
5 Stems Phals Orchid Arrangement

7 Stems Phals Orchid Arrangement
5 Stems Phals Orchid Flower Arrangement

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