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Rabu, 19 Juni 2019

Carnations Flower Bouquet Magnum Florist

Anyelir or carnation flowers are versatile flowers can be found in various types of flower arrangements. This well-known long-lasting flower adorns many places ranging from weddings, birthdays, funerals and at festivals or events using bouquets of flowers. They are used on various occasions.

Carnations have a variety of beautiful and feminine colors ranging from bright red, yellow, pink, peach etc still not inclusive with other stunning hybrid colored ranged views.

" But do you know the meaning and meaning of this carnation flower? "
Carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus) literally translates to "Flowers of the gods" or "Flowers of love". The name carnation comes from the word 'Corone' which means flower arrangement or from the word 'coronation' which means coronation - because it was used in the ceremony of giving crowns in ancient Greek times. While other sources say that it comes from the Latin 'carnis' which means meat, because the color is a tinge of pink, or from the word 'incarnation' which means incarnation.

Pink Carnation and Aster Bridal Bouquet

Carnation flowers are commonly used as a media in expressing some feelings and thoughts.
In America carnations are used as gifts on Teacher's Day and Mother's Day. Carnations are also suitable flowers given on the first anniversary of the wedding. It is also known as the birth flower of January. After we know the importance of using carnations, let's look at the meaning of each color.

In general, carnation signifies emotions such as love, respect and strong attraction (charms). Each color of the carnation flower signifies different meanings and associations.
  • Red carnation flowers are a symbol of admiration and friendship. But bright red carnations can also mean deep love and affection.
  • Pink carnation is considered the most important flower among all the colors of carnations. This is because it is believed that pink carnations symbolize a mother's eternal love. Pink Carnation is always associated with love that never dies from a woman. 
  • White carnations are a symbol of pure love, a feeling of innocence, loyalty, passionate love and luck. It is also signifies deep gratitude. 
  • Purple Carnation means disorder. This means that he has the ability to change according to his wishes, which is said to be ‘moody - work patterns that are less clear’. 
  • Yellow carnations indicate emotions of rejection, hatred and disappointment in someone. The last flower striped carnation is used when someone wants to convey rejection to someone.
Bouquet Bunga Carnation Segar

" Each color of the carnation flower signifies different meanings and associations.
For meaning emphasized in Red carnation flowers are a symbol of admiration and friendship. In bright red carnations can also mean deep love and affection ".
" Are you one of those who believe that? "
We, as a florist - believe in the beauty of flowers; regardless of the meaning outlined above that we collected from various sources - because everything is natural, it is indeed beautiful ...
Just turning out and point it out to ourselves first, how to see and respond to the meaning of the flower and its application to us that what best we should act respectively to ourselves and others regardless of each color's meaning.

So, placing your delivery bouquet carnations (dianthus) or anyelir through our Magnum Florist Jakarta Barat, just make a ring to +6281310664409 and by e mail : order@tokobungahias.com .

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