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Rabu, 19 Juni 2019

Premium Digital Flower Board Tangerang

Magnum Florist sub hub workshop at Villa Dago, Pamulang - providing the latest innovation services for board flower arrangements that are widely known to the public, but now our florist: presents them by marrying digital printing techniques and wrapped in a photo frame that are decorated with fresh beautiful assorted flower arrangements, which makes it more elegant, more premium services.
Flower Board Photo Frame Digital Printing

Our digital printing flower board can be sent for any condolences or congratulations greetings such as happy wedding, may success to you, happy birthday or happy anniversary. The aim of our online flower board shop located in West Jakarta and Pamulang, we are to provide a better and completeness choices for consumers' usage through our flower shop services.

With the addition of flower board in digital printing, related information for you that - what is already been pre-made as a choice of greeting templates in aim to simplify the workings and shorten the time of manufacturing itself: considering for the shipping delivery that would be even faster with various facilities owned by Magnum Florist's digital printing and photo frames products.
Condolences Standing Flower Board Digital Printing
Another goal is by launching this premium digital printing flower board arrangement: the sender and recipient of the greeting gift would leave the distinct significant souvenir for one and the other. Where the photo frame, can be used as a display of various printed photo documentation as memorabilia of all time for the beneficiary recipient.

For booking and placement your digital flower board of our Magnum Florist Jakarta's services ( which should be a reservation in advance ), please call at +6281310664409 and or by email: order@tokobungahias.com .
Faster delivery can be made and done to area such as Pamulang, Ciputat, Alam Sutera, Bumi Serpong Damai, Depok.
For Jakarta areas, please kindly to do better reservation at first hand.

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